Sunday, March 1, 2015

Not Everyone Can Drive a Physical Car. Everyone Can Have a Virtual Car.

The Virtual Highway is Coming! Not Root 66 It Is Router 66

by Chris Carter
THE WAR ON HEALTH by Chris Carter

I am watching the Incredible Mr. Limpet. The old Don Knotts movie where he falls overboard and becomes a Fish. They finally get him on the Radio and they talk between the two worlds. We are going into another world today just like Mr. Limpet did. Right now we are the last generation in human history to touch the Analog world. This is a huge milestone and nobody seems to be noticing. Our grandparents are back on the original side and all the little kids are on the new side. WE are right smack in the middle. This is a milestone in humankind that we do not grasp the importance of because we are "too close" to it we are IN IT up to our eyeballs. It is a hot potato for the politicians. Capitalism is taking a beating with the dichotomy of "being clueless" and "Buyer Beware." Look at the 401k fiasco with "fiduciary responsibility." It's a rough ride to take everyone out of the old paid-for-performance Pension and expect them to manage their own financial affairs in a new system that speaks a incomprehensible language. It is all new rules when you couple "Digital Literacy to Financial Literacy." There are many winners and losers and a lot of dazed "regular" folk being victimized. Lot of "Digital Bullying" going on today. It will be a rough few decades until we get firmly on the other side of the Analog-Digital divide.

In this new digital world virtualization will create a parallel world along side our physical world. Our homes are slowly being cocooned in a digital copy of a virtual house built on top of our physical house. The "digital" house has all the doors and windows and all the same problems a physical house has. It needs similar services too. Everyone is trying to sell you Bundled Packages now days and its all mixed up! The Phone company operates your garage door, the Cable TV company wants to do your Alarm system, the Internet company wants to do everything, the Electric company wants to run your Thermostat ANY company might offer any thing now days.

Digitization was invented in the 1960s, the “digital” files sat around for 30 years waiting for the Internet to be invented, after traveling all around the world having fun on the Internet the digital files finally jumped off computers and onto cell phones, then they jumped onto Tablets! They are now trying to move to Watches or Glasses but not everybody uses Watches or Glasses. I predict they will chose to move to the Car. Because the car is slowly BECOMING a computer and everybody has a car. The Road system IS a network already in place! It literally has “network traffic” on it every day. Traffic Lights will all become CISCO Routers.

Everything is going Mobile and in the Cloud. This means the demise of the Hard Drive as we know it today. They’re already changing things in the OS like Apple getting rid of the SAVE AS command. You may have noticed that if you have a new Apple device. The Energy and Utilities companies are in HUGE transition right now. Not just physically, that is the lesser half of the story. It has to do with Value Chains. They want to protect the status Quo. They have been excellent at managing and operating single-product businesses. The value chain. A trained power-plant operator stayed in the power plant. Why would anyone want to change that model in an environment that thrives on system stability? Bundling and Unbundling! Over the past decade, governments and their regulators have even incentivized utilities’ “siloed” thinking because unbundling created hard-to-cross legal boundaries around value chains.

In the future everyone will be a doctor and a teacher. Each person born, will get a their own AVATAR(basically a fancy way of saying hard drive) to keep with them for the rest of their life. It follows them around everywhere, its encrypted, only the Government can get a Warrant to go in for cases of Terrorism etc. This Avatar drive is the SCREEN between you and the digital world. In the old Analog world you didn’t need “a screen” in the new digital world you do! In the old Analog world you only interacted with people when you met them and you are innocent until proven guilty. That is going away, in the new Digital world it is reversed we are all connected all the time. In the digital world you are guilty until verified. Don’t take it personal. We are not used to a world of Authentication it seems offensive but we can not keep up have no choice. Today our cell phone is our Avatar, it answers calls and emails and guards us and many other things. The list grows each year. I guarantee the Car is next. It will have two parts. One is the Physical and one is the Logical (Virtual). EVERYONE can have a Virtual Car, not everyone can have a physical one. Some people just can’t drive. If cars are becoming computers, and the roads handle traffic, that means the Stop Lights will become Routers. All traffic signals will become Routers. You will take your Virtual Car down virtual Route 95 to virtual Hillsboro Road to the virtual store buy some crap and drive home.

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